London, Heygate

Construction time: 1969-74

Building contractor: Public contractor

History of the place: The Heygate Estate replaced the historic Victorian estates in the area of Walworth in the Southwark district, one of the South London suburbs and today prime development land. Since 2002, when the negotiations about the knocking down of the Estate started, the tenants of Heygate Estate are fighting against eviction from their flats and their resettlement in less central districts of London. In 2010 almost all windows are boarded up with a few families left in the empty buildings. 2015 has been set as the demolition date.

Infrastructure: 1100 homes, central heating plant, schools, kindergartens, public transport, shopping centres

2 Responses to “Heygate/London/England”

  1. I am one of the last residents of the Heygate estate. It is a scandal that we are facing eviction while the estate is due to remain empty for another 5 years. To add insult to injury the council is failing to offer leaseholders a fair valuation of their homes. see: http://halag.wordpress.com and http://heygate.heroku.com

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