Chişinău, Rîşcani

Chişinău, Buiucani

Chişinău, Botanica

Construction time: 1971-

Building contractor: Public contractor (USSR Council), since 1990s increasingly private contractors and real estate investors.

History of the place: Rîşcani, Buiucani and Botanica and Ciocana are 4 microdistricts of Chişinău built in the main according to the USSR development plan for Chişinău from 1971. The new settlements replaced the villages in the vicinity of the fast expanding city. Today private investors raise 20-storey blocks of flats and business centers in the voids of the popular districts.

Infrastructure: central heating plants, university, schools, kindergartens, workers’ clubs with cinema (today transformed), public transport, shopping centres, parks, lakes, hospital.

Here in Rîşcani privatisation has already started, as you can see on the right hand side.

Self-organize and install a panel indicating that a space is acknowledged as World Communal Heritage Site!

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