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Roma, Corviale

Construction time: 1975-82

Building contractor: Istituto Autonomo per le Case Populari (Independent Institute for Social Housing)

History of the place: Corviale was developed according to the plans of architect Mario Fiorentino, and is located at the southwestern edges of Rome in XV Arviale Portuense district. An example for the modernist idea of the lineal city, the 5 and 10 story building stretches over almost 1 km and houses about 8000 people. In 2007, the city of Rome launched a competition for the redevelopment of the building. The winner was a design team coordinated by Gwendolyn Salimei with the proposal to redesign the common areas at the fourth floor of the building, according to the never realized idea of Fiorentino, into meeting places, shops, library, kindergarten and green areas.

Infrastructure: 1200 official flats and a number of improvised flats in the common areas of the forth floor that had been originally designed to provide shops and common facilities. Across the main building, an amphitheater, common facilities and supermarkets are located.

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