Novi Beograd/Blokovi/Serbia

Blokovi, Blok 63, Novi Beograd

Blokovi, Blok 70, Novi Beograd

Construction time: 1974-

Building contractor: Public contractor, flats privatised in 1990s, since 2000 mainly private contractors and real estate investors.

History of the place: “The Blocks” are part of the municipality of New Belgrade, a modern city erected from scratch in 1948 on the marchland between the rivers Danube and Sava, opposite to the old city of Belgrade. Perceived as the symbolic new capital of the then freshly founded SFRY the main construction work was done by workers’ brigades and volunteers from the whole Republic. Today Blokovi rapidly develop with new blocks of flats, shopping malls and business quarters being built.

Infrastructure: about 34.000 flats, heating plant, schools, kindergartens, community centers, public transport, shopping centers.

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